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I've called this webpage 'Business Process Management' because all businesses
must evolve a methodology which enables the business to operate efficiently.

FSB Membership

An advantage of FSB membership is the very comprehensive online Legal Fact
Sheet library provided by Abbey Legal Protection and Abbey Tax Protection in
association with the FSB member services committee. Topics include, Business
Law, Employment Law and Taxation Matters and there are over 200 specimen
legal documents which can be tailored as required.

Joining the FSB in the United Kingdom

JoiningThe FSB is primarily a lobbying  the UK's 
National Federation of Self Employed and Small Businesses Ltd

Register your interest in joining the FSB here
or click here to recommend.

Big Ticket Depot

'Buying & Selling Big Ticket Items is as easy as... 1-2-3' according to Joel
Sauceda of San Antonio, Texas, USA
. Joel 'discovered' the Internet in 1998 and
he and his business partner, Bradley Harris, have been working together since
about 2002. Big Ticket Depot and Big Value Depot represent the culmination of
their association with the objective of providing Ebay with some competition!

Please contact me, Richard Parsons, if you would be interested in promoting
the buying or the selling of 'stuff' on either Big Ticket Depot or Big Value Depot.

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Penny and Thomas Power started in 1998

South Wiltshire Business EXPO::My attendance in 2008

My Ecademy PowerPoint Presentation::Ecademy Powerpoint
(with speaker's notes - 764kb) See/hear my SpeedPitch Challenge!

Page 3 of 4 :: ICT, Networking, Sales and Marketing >> is my referral link to PlusNet,
the ISP which I have been using since 2002. The
company was taken over by British Telecom plc in 2006
and continues to operate as a separate entity.
Host up to three domain names in a standard account.

Free To Advertise in the UK!

The links below illustrate some of my attempts
at finding a sustainable business opportunity.

Healthy Coffee Business

Internet Marketing Training::VortexMarketingGroup

MyCityFaces Business


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I believe strongly in building off-line business relationships through localised
business oriented meetings to enhance the value of on-line networking.

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